Emma’s Story:

Deciding to become a massage therapist…from working 9-5 in an office environment for over 15 yrs…this is my pursuit to a happier, healthy life style.

I became more aware of my poor posture, imbalances and weaknesses, mostly the result of working at a desk for over 15yrs and not maintaining my own physical wellbeing. My passion was ignited to improve my wellbeing and knew I could help others.

Having experienced many injuries since my teenage years, sport was my passion from playing competitive football, kickboxing, powerlifting and rugby. High impact injuries from soft tissue sprains, tears & ruptures, major ankle surgery and a prolapsed disc, massage was instrumental in my recovery.

Massage helps the whole body both physically and psychologically, I knew that I wanted to help others to improve their physical wellbeing and prevent injury.

My mission, through manipulation of soft tissue is to promote relaxation, aid in rehabilitation and the prevention of injury.

It’s good to stretch everyday…

My goals are to work closely with my clients to identify lifestyle patterns, postural assessment, physical restrictions and long-term requirements to establish areas of focus and development.

Thank you for visiting my page.

Photos courtesy of Elisa Photo